Emergency Base Camps

Whenever groups of people need to be relocated or are temporarily displaced there is the need for basecamp support facilities to sustain them. These relocations or displacements can be due to natural disasters, civil disruptions, migrant populations, mass gatherings, or military maneuvers.

For any of these reasons, displaced populations, require at minimum the need for shelter from the elements, basic sustenance, potable drinking water, and sanitary facilities. In addition, facilities may be required to fulfill the needs of law enforcement, fire protection, medical, educational, and administrative services. Depending upon the type, location, and duration of the relocation or displacement, it is possible that everything normally associated with a civic inventory may need to be provided.

Typical requirements may last anywhere from a weekend to a year. With a large inventory of strategically staged assets, in-house transportation capabilities, and proven experience we stand ready to respond.

Full Service Mobile Laundry

Sleeper Trailers

Hard Walled Structures

Incident Base Unit Type 1 & 2


All American Emergency Services is a small privately owned company with numerous satellite locations nationwide:

As an SBA-certified women-owned and SBA-certified small business, All American Emergency Services is ready to travel wherever our expertise is required. Our proven experience shines whether dealing with planned projects or unforeseen emergencies. We take immense pride in delivering top-tier service and utilizing cutting-edge industry equipment. Count on our dedicated team for a friendly and professional experience from start to finish.

In the realm of emergency services, our offerings are extensive. From electrical power distribution to lighting, office trailers, mobile laundry, and a diverse array of essential equipment, we’re equipped to provide comprehensive support during critical incidents. No matter the scope or scale, All American Emergency Services is your trusted partner, delivering dependable solutions to meet your needs with unwavering dedication.